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New Crunchyroll Video Explains Why Anime Characters Get Nosebleeds

How did the trope start?

(Featured image – Eiichiro Oda / Toei Animation)

Many tropes make up the world of anime, but a long-running one is the “nosebleed.” Occurring during the more teasing scenes of most animes, it seems that Crunchyroll Extras‘ has the answers anime fans may have been looking for, in their newest Crunchyroll Explains video.

Why Do Anime Characters Get Nosebleeds? | Crunchyroll Explains

A fun video to check out, it’s just one of the many cool videos being added to the Crunchyroll Extras YouTube channel regularly. Their lineup includes interviews, video essays, behind-scenes-looks, and more! Head over to check out their other videos.

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