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The Internet Excitably Rediscovers That Sailor Moon’s Creator Is A Sentai Fan!

It's Morphin' Time!

(Featured Image Source – Naoko Takeuchi/Toei)

Naoko Takeuchi is a manga/anime icon. Creating the legendary Sailor Moon series, she went on to earn her place as an important pop-culture creator, with the franchise going on to stand the test of time. But as fans recently rediscovered, the beloved mangaka can nerd out too, as shown with the creator posing with some idols of her own.

In a picture recently rediscovered by Twitter user and Sailor Moon site runner, Tuxedo Unmasked, Naoko Takeuchi is pictured with the members of the Zyuranger team (probably more familiar to some as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). The picture was part of a documentary in which Takeuchi discussed watching earlier versions of the series as a child, inspiring her at that young age.

(Naoko Takeuchi)

While Power Rangers first started airing in 1993 in the United States, the Super Sentai series, which it is a loose adaption of, has been running since 1975.

No word on how Takeuchi feels about the current Sentai seasons, and if she agrees that Gokaiger is the best season ever (because it is), this moment can serve to remind that even our favorite creators had a masked martial arts superhero phase.

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