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‘Crunchyroll Extra’ Sets Sail With New Luffy Birthday Celebration

The launch of a new Crunchyroll YouTube channel, means all kinds!

(Image – Eiichiro Oda/ Toei Animation)

The world’s most popular anime brand Crunchyroll has delighted fans with the launch of their new YouTube channel Crunchyroll Extras.

Crunchyroll Extras | CHANNEL TRAILER

A YouTube channel exclusively made for mobile-friendly viewing, the channel will feature exclusive content like behind-the-scene special, interviews, cooking demos, their Crunchy Explains series, video essays, speed drawing, news, and more, that will have anime fans excited.

The channel kicks off its first month by honoring the future king of pirates, Monkey D. Luffy on his birthday, going on to post a new video every day of May.

This is the third YouTube channel to come from Crunchyroll alongside its main channel and its Crunchyroll Collection channel.

You can head over now Crunchyroll Extra’s check it out and make sure to subscribe to keep up with all the fun.


(Source: Crunchyroll)

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