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Elmo’s Dad Sends A Message Of Support Out To Parents

Louie has a message for you!

(Featured Image – Sesame Street)

  • In a PSA video, Elmo’s father told parents home because of quarantine efforts that they are doing a great job, but to remember to take a moment for themselves as well.

Sesame Street is something that we rarely realize is present for the entire lives of some people. From watching it as a kid to watching it alongside the children in your life, it is a connecting experience for many. That’s why it is so touching that the show still has a desire to make you feel comfortable in adulthood, as a Parent PSA video from their official YouTube Channel shows.

Sesame Street: A Moment to Yourself | Parent PSA

“To all the parents out there: you are doing an amazing job! But remember to take a moment for yourself, to breath, stretch, whatever you need to keep being your best self. Hang in there and keep up the great work!”

A touching message, it’s something a lot of people may need to hear right now.

Remember that you are not alone<3.

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