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Your Soul Will Burn for Ages with the New Promare Nendoroid Figures

Take the epic Galo & Lio home!

Co-produced by Trigger (Kill la Kill) and XFLAG, Promare took the anime world by storm back in the end of 2019. With its stunning visual effects that reminds viewers of classic anime that came before and a narrative that had people hooked throughout the film, Promare quickly became a favorite by many.

Key Visual of Promare (Source:

Cosplayers quickly flooded conventions and events with their outfits of favorite characters, and the web became flooded with fan-created items, trinkets, and even fan-fictions.

And now, you can add Promare to your collection with the new Nendoroid figures from Goodsmile.

Goodsmile Company

The new Nendoroid figures will include Lio Fotia and Galo Thymos in all of their dynamic and blazing glory. Each figure will be sold separately and will include switchable face plates, the standard display stand, and each characters’ gear, respectively, as seen in the anime: Lio’s Burnish Sword, Burnish Flare effect, and ice bullet handcuffs, and Galo’s Matoi Gear. This new line of Nendoroid also has a special version for Lio: the Complete Combustion version. This Nendoroid will include the same figure and parts included in the original Lio figure, but will also come with a flaming throne seat piece, interchangeable lower-half parts to give him a new sitting pose, alternate face plates, interchangeable torso piece, and an additional Burnish Flare effect. Those who preorder the Complete Combustion Version will also receive a Flaming Throne Acrylic Background Stand as a free bonus.

(Galo Thymos Nendoroid – Goodsmile Company)
(Galo Thymos Nendoroid – Goodsmile Company)
(Galo Thymos Nendoroid – Goodsmile Company)
(Lio Fotia Nendoroid – Goodsmile Company)
(Lio Fotia Nendoroid – Goodsmile Company)
(Lio Fotia: Complete Combustion Version Nendoroid – Goodsmile Company)
Lio Fotia: Complete Combustion Nendoroid – Goodsmile Company

For those who want to recreate the fiery action scenes from Promare will surely want to pick up these Nendoroids before it’s too late. Preorders for the Galo Thymos Nendoroid, Lio Fotia Nendoroid, and the Lio Fotia: Complete Combustion Nendoroid figures are currently underway, having started on March 26th, 2020 at Noon (JST) and will be ending on June 4th at Noon (JST.) with the release date set for October 2020. This preorder session will be the second release of the Galo Thymos figure, so if you missed out on the first round, now’s your chance to secure yours!

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