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Twitter Encourages Con-Goers To Bathe Using Anime Girls Hidden In Soap

Will the scourge of con-funk finally be defeated?

Urban dictionary roughly describes “Con Funk” as the stench of unwashed bodies that can waft over a counter-culture nerd conventions. There have been jokes about it, cosplays devoted to calling it out, and even official signs at conventions. But one Twitter user may have found the solution, and all it required was anime girls.

Twitter user @harakoatom shared a set of soaps that each hide a depiction of a character styled to be from mobile game Ark Knights.

“The more you use it, the more the mysterious white fog disappears …. The nerd can see the nakedness of the gadget, and the cleanness of the nerd helps the surroundings.”

Showing a steamy bath scene, the more you use the soap, the more the fog fades away, eventually showing each girl clearly.

Theoretically encouraging the user to bathe more, in order to see each girl.

While both the soap and Ark Knights originate in China, it is unclear if this is official merchandise or something fan-made.

It is a bit disheartening that people have highlighted that someone could just water on the soap bars until they can see the girls, meaning that con funk is here to stay.

The amazing news site SoraNews24 has noted that the soaps are available through Chinese online shop Tmall.

(Source – @Harakoatom)
(Additional Information – Soranews24)

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