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A Japanese Company Wants To Help You Make The Perfect Gamer Bed

The next step after you get two monitors and an LED keyboard!

(Featured Image – Bauhutte)

As we like to say in the Nerdier Tides office, “Gaming is Good.” But with time, gaming has become an ever more absorbing lifestyle. Well, what if on a perfect day you would barely have to leave your bed? That close by in a stylish set of interchangeable pieces was everything you need for a great day of truly absorbing gaming (minus a bathroom…for now).

Thanks to Japanese retailer Bauhutte, they are making you and your bed closer through their collection of gamer based furniture and accessories. Soon, you will never have to leave your bed.

By your side will rest their sleek framed Hanger Rack where you can store all your gaming accessories and hang up your clothes. There is even a space to attach a power strip, meaning comfortable charging.

The Energy Wagon is the perfect way to store your snacks and drinks, with its undercarriage storage and dual cupholders.

And of course, their sets of adjustable desks will let you keep your two monitors and LED keyboard close and ready while you slumber on their plush Gaming Sofa pillow.

On some level, this is a fun way to manage space and help gamers who may want a traditional full game set up, while still having minimalist needs that have to be met. But also, bedsores are painful as hell.

And again, what about the bathroom?

These are just the latest pieces of gamer goods from Bauhutte, set to make your day a little comfier. Previously they have released pajamas and even a suitcase to help cosplayers.

You can check out their full selection on their official site.

Are you going to make your own gamer bed? And if you are, what about the bathroom?

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