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‘Oxygen Not Included’ Releases Lofi “Dupe Hop” Radio Beats Video

Time for the Dupes of 'Oxygen Not Included' to get a bit of a break.

(Featured Image – Klei Entertainment)

Klei Entertainment’s Oxygen Not Included is a fun, adorable, brutal game of survival, where players are tasked with making sure their asteroid colony survives the harshes of space-living. Earlier this week, they released the game’s official soundtrack, a release that Klei celebrated with their own Oxygen Not Included lofi video!

lofi dupe hop radio – beats to survive/mine to | Oxygen Not Included Soundtrack

Seeing one of the colony’s Dupes (Duplicants) chilling out on their bed, a lovely piece of animation done by Klei Entertainment, the video runs through Oxygen Not Included’s stellar soundtrack. Mysterious ambient tone setters, upbeat get to work tracks, and the triumphant music of success, the video explores the game’s amazing soundtrack, which was composed and arranged by Vince de Vera.

Oxygen Not Included is available for PC via Steam.

You can pick up the Oxygen Not Included Official Soundtrack now, through Steam.

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