Celebrate The Crunchyroll Anime Awards With A Five-Day, 24-Hour Anime Marathon!

Celebrate the Crunchyroll Anime Awards with five-days of non-stop anime!

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Get your finest evening wear ready, practice your party talk, and get set to cheer on your picks during the Crunchyroll Anime Awards this Saturday, February 15th!


Livestreamed from Crunchyroll’s San Francisco HQ, the Crunchyroll Awards will be hosted by WWE Superstar Xavier Woods and Crunchyroll’s Tim Lyu.

Making sure you can check out just what’s up to be awarded, Crunchyroll is celebrating the award show with a massive anime marathon on Facebook and Twitch, set to run from today (Feb. 10th) to Friday, Feb. 14th. Anime fans can catch all of the amazing series they love, alongside their community.

Series that will be streamed:

  • Mob Psycho 100 II
  • Sarazanmai
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero
  • given
  • Ascendance of a Bookworm
  • My Roommate is a Cat
  • KONOSUBA -God’s Blessing on this wonderful world!
  • Katana Maidens ~ Mini Toji
  • Girly Air Force
  • Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan
  • Kemono Friends 2
  • Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan

The marathon will be available only to The marathon will be limited to the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Netherland, Denmark, Central America, and South America. 

More than 11 million votes have been cast, with awards set to be given out by anime industry and entertainment members, including KING VADER awarding the Anime of the Year.

Award Categories:

  • Anime of the Year
  • Best Animation
  • Best Opening Sequence 
  • Best Ending Sequence 
  • Best Boy
  • Best Girl
  • Best Score
  • Best VA Performance (JP)
  • Best VA Performance (EN)
  • Best Director
  • Best Character Design
  • Best Protagonist
  • Best Antagonist
  • Best Fight Scene
  • Best Couple
  • Best Drama 
  • Best Fantasy 
  • Best Comedy
Via Crunchyroll

The Crunchyroll Anime Awards is sponsored by Japanese snack subscription service, Bokksu, and upcoming a Naruto game, Naruto Slugfest. Excited fans can enter two contests during the Anime Awards livestream on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, with US-based fans being eligible to win one of three custom-made Crunchyroll-Hime skinned Xbox Consoles by posting #himexbox.

Via Crunchyroll

The Crunchyroll Anime Awards will feature all-star guests, anime sneak peeks, a performance by #THAGODSQUAD, and messages from Japan. The President of WIT STUDIO, George Wada, will be there to accept his Industry Icon award.

You can watch the Crunchyroll Anime Awards on Saturday, Feb. 15th through Crunchyroll’s Homepage, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch pages.

Crunchyroll will also be hosting six watch party events in Sydney, Australia; São Paulo, Brazil; Richmond and Toronto, Canada; and Fort Worth and New York City, US.

So get ready for a week of anime leading up to one of the biggest events in the community!

(Source – Crunchyroll)

Anime NYC powered by Crunchyroll 2021 is almost here! Check out the official site to grab your ticket, learn more about exhibitors & attending guests, and what awaits you at Anime NYC!

And stay tuned to Nerdier Tides as we get you ready for it!

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