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This CVS Receipt Scarf Is Long Enough To Keep Your Warm

Harness the power of a CVS receipt this winter!

(Image – ReceiptScarves)

We are all familiar with the extreme standard length that comes from a CVS receipt. Its limit bolstered by its mentions of savings, promos, possible charities, and why you should return, what if the power of the CVS receipt could be tamed for good. What if it could be used to fight the bite of the fall/winter season. One Etsy creation has you covered, literally. We present to you the CVS Receipt Scarf!

Coming from the ReceiptScarves Etsy store, The CVS Receipt Scarf is a soft and cute accessory! Ready to wear to keep away the winter chill, it is made of soft fleece and honest to its inspiration, covered with what adorns the average CVS receipt, and is 59 inches long and 8 inches wide.

Making for a great grab or the perfect gift, you can get your CVS Receipt scarf now!

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