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Peanut-Man and Mascot, Mr. Peanut Reportedly Dead After Saving Peanut Lovers

A fictional peanut has died. 1916-2020 (?)

(Image – Planters)

Spokesman, Icon, Peanut connoisseur, and technically cannibal, Mr. Peanut has reportedly died at of 104 while saving two travelers during an accident in the Peanut mobile, as reported by the Mr. Peanut twitter account.

As the footage captured shows, the accident occurred while swerving out of the way of a desert critter, again showing the care and thought that Mr. Peanut had for others. It was this nobility that lead Mr. Peanut to once again be the ultimate mascot and bro, valuing the lives of his two traveling companions over his own, dropping himself from the quickly snapping branch that held them above the canyon floor. His collision with the Peanut Mobile was followed by an explosion that is assumed to have claimed Mr. Peanut’s life.


Messages of love have flooded in, but some have wondered, what truly has become of the Planters peanut man. Some have reported, seeing a cloaked figure wandering the deserts near the crash…

Whatever has happened, know that we miss you, Mr. Peanut.


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