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Discovering “Monster Prom: Second Term”

Let's talk Monster Prom while we get ready for Monster Prom 2!

(featured Image Source – Beautiful Glitch)

If Beautiful Glitch and Those Awesome Guys’ Monster Prom wasn’t enough to make you laugh out loud already, the “Monster Prom: Second Term” DLC will! Bringing more than 10 new NPCs and two brand new love interests to the game for you to talk and party with. Over 120 exciting new conversations, means your monster school life has become even more fulfilling!

Beautiful Glitch

The new love interests are quirky fangirl tentacle Eldritch horror monster, Zoe, and Calculester Hewlett-Packard, a computer amalgamation who is all kinds of adorable. Both are ready for you to woo in the three weeks left to prom, so you can escort them onto the dance floor looking fabulous. Or maybe not. It’s up to you to find out in the game’s 10 new secret endings.

What made Monster Prom a stunning title, to begin with, was the no pulled punches on the dialog and the characters. You have Polly the ghost, who parties too hard with drugs and alcohol; Scott the traditional werewolf idiot, but loving jock, and many more. The game also allows for gender fluidity, which is a welcome addition to any dating sim. You can date whoever you want, and the game even asks you what pronouns you would prefer when conversing with other characters.

Another thing that separates Monster Prom from other titles is the multiplayer option the game offers using turns. You and friends can then either compete for the monster favorite of the session, or go for your own monster cutie. Another hilarious thing is how when each round finishes, the way you decide the turn order. When it ends, the game will ask you something along the lines of “name a famous person” or “what is your favorite food.” Then once everyone rings in with their answer, the catch is then thrown in, asking something like “turn order is determined by how ugly the person would be if they had a disease or boils all over their face (first being the ugliest) or “Turn order is determined by how good the food would be if moldy.” Every single time this had us at nerdier tides laughing and debating who was right and wrong.

Beautiful Glitch

The game is also ready to celebrate the holiday season with its “The Ice Update” adding new outfits, mod tools, social media stickers, and more for fans of everyone’s favorite monster filled school to celebrate the holiday season!

And of course make sure to stay tuned for Monster Prom 2.

Monster Prom is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. It is currently on sale on the Steam Store and is a perfect holiday gift for a friend, or even a wonderful buy if you’re looking for a fun dating sim with adult humor that lands very well.

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And stay tuned to Nerdier Tides as we get you ready for it!

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