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New Game Asks You To Play Tetris and Snake At The Same Time, And It Is Painfully Fun

A new web game challenges you to play two arcade classics, at the same time.

In a world filled with Dark Souls, Sekiro, and cries of “get good,” it is obvious to say that gamers love themselves a challenge. And we have a new form of hell ready and waiting to torture players thanks to French programmer, GrĂ©goire Divaret-Chauveau, and his new web game (or should we say games?) that asks you to play Snake and Tetris at the same time.

Divaret-Chauveau’s answer to Codevember’s (a month-long challenge for programmers) 9th-day prompt of “make a game” was to take two arcade classics and force gamers to play both at the same time. If you die in one, you die in both.

And we are hooked!

To call this game hard is an understatement. Our high score is 6 in Tetris and 10 in Snake. See how far you can make it, so head over and set those high scores!

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