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Popular YouTuber Permanently Banned From ‘Fortnite’ After Using An Aimbot

The ban has partially split the community.

As reported by Polygon, popular YouTuber and FaZe Clan member, Jarvis, has received a permanent ban from Epic Games following his use of an Aimbot in Fortnite, the video of the incident being uploaded by him.

Aimbots assist in aiming and target acquisition in a game. Most games, of course, ban them as they not only mess with the game’s structure but also obviously count as cheating to most. Since his banning, Jarvis has released an apology video, where he admits his wrongdoing.

Jarvis Apology Video:

Currently sitting around 2 million subscribers, Jarvis discusses how much the game matters to him, and in a heavy and emotional moment, he expresses his remorse for not paying attention to the game’s terms of service.

Some community members are now discussing if a permanent ban is too much, given the punishment others have received, while some think the incident is done.

What do you think? Was a permanent ban too much or just right?

(Source – Polygon)

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