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Jared Leto Reportedly Feeling “Alienated and Upset” Over ‘Joker’ Solo Movie

According to one report, some harsh feelings may be present.

(Featured Image Source – Warner Bros.)

The new solo Joker movie has become a quick hit among fans and critics alike, but reportedly one person isn’t handling that well. As stated by the Hollywood Reporter, The Joker for Suicide Squad, Jared Leto, felt “alienated and upset” due to the Joaquin Phoenix solo film for the character.

Warner Bros.

While only mentioned in passing during a larger piece about Martin Scorsese’s involvement in the Joker film’s initial conception, it has drawn interest from fans and internet denizens. While Phoenix’s joker is being well received by many, Leto’s tattooed, knife-wielding version was critically panned and quickly mocked by many comic fans and moviegoers.

Warner Bros.

Leto is not set to take the role of the Joker in the upcoming Birds of Prey or new Suicide Squad, and if this report about his feelings towards Warner Bros. and the Joker movie is to be believed, it is understandable why.

While Phoenix’s Joker has already broken box office records and continues to thrive well in theaters, Jared Leto’s version still has its fans.

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(Source – The Hollywood Reporter)

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