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‘Fate/Stay Night’ Has Teamed Up With Axe Body Spray For Some Reason

We live in unique times.

(Feature image source – Axe Lab)

In the grand scheme of product crossovers, this one is unique, as Axe Lab is teaming up with the Fate/Stay Night series to release a new body spray ahead of the popular anime/ game franchise’s new movie.

Axe Lab

Axe Lab has revealed three fragrances that will be sporting Fate/stay characters for the tie-in, aqua for Illya, citrus for Rin, and savon for Sakura. Each has a unique illustration created for the promotion, with all three are part of a set of 11 downloadable wallpapers available to everyone who buys a body spray. For every one spends over 1,500 yen, they will be entered to win one of five signed shikishi (a Japanese signing board) from the three featured tie-in characters, along with 10 tapestries.

Axe Lab
Axe Lab

A large part of the marketing is the sizeable alluring Gilgamesh illustration inspired by the Axe body spray, “Esserice.”

Axe Lab

We are not sure exactly how to feel about this tie-in, but we will let the die-hard fans of Fate/stay, and we guess Axe Body Spray, decide how to take this collaboration.

The crossover event will take place from October 7th to December 31st.

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II Lost Butterfly will be heading to Japanese theaters on January 21, with Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III Spring Song seeing theatrical release in spring of 2020.

(Source – Axe Lab & Anime News Network for additional information)

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