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The Time Sabrina The Teenage Witch Licked Empty Trash Can Pancake Containers Because Of Her Addiction


So it’s time for Weirdier Tides! Running down our list of favorite horror flicks and shows. Warning now that some of the movies and tv shows we will be discussing carry heavy themes and strong visuals.

Oh, and of course spoilers!

There are iconic shows that fans remember delighting their afternoons. Can’t miss TV, that offered a comforting and imaginative space for enjoyment. One of those is the 90’s live-action Sabrina the Teenage Witch that lasted seven seasons, two movies, several video games, and spread over into a cartoon series. It is needless to say that Melissa Joan Hart’s time as the character is what brought Sabrina to the upper echelons of pop culture touchstone.


So we are going to talk about the time she licked empty pancake containers out of the garbage due to her addiction.

Well, where to start?

So for those of you who don’t know, Sabrina the Teenage witch followed a teenager named Sabrina Spellman who discovers she is a witch.

Heading to live with her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, and their talking cat Salem, she learns about her powers and the wacky parts about life as a witch. One of those being her family’s predilection to being addicted to pancakes.



In the 55th episode of the series, “Pancake Madness,” Sabrina decides to conjure up a plate of pancakes. Her aunts zoom on in, telling her about their family’s bad relationship with the delicious excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Casting a spell so that the disbelieving Sabrina won’t be able to summon more plates, Sabrina eats the plate she has and learns that they were right.

Thus begins her downward spiral as Sabrina’s world is seemingly taken over by this craze for pancakes. Our favorite witch just can’t stop, and after encountering her friend/crush/boyfriend Harvey eating a stack before dumping the remains in the garbage, our girl of course deep dives in there to eat his scraps.


Sabrina becomes a pancake fiend! She starts to shake from the lack of it, asking her classmates if they are holding out on her. In the middle of a meeting proposing what type of school fundraiser to hold, she ends up screaming the word pancakes, making everyone believe her suggestion to be a pancake breakfast banquet.

The best place to get her fix of them there tasty plates.

To help a panicked Sabrina covered in pancake mix late at night, trying to sneak a stack, Salem comes up with a potion syrup that promises to make her dislike pancakes when she puts them on.


Bringing her new potion to the pancake breakfast, Sabrina, in a wacky 90’s sitcom moment, loses the potion among all the bottles at the school. Without her potion available, Sabrina makes the pancake breakfast her pancake slaughtering ground, devouring other people’s food, afterward returning to the Spellman home.


With Sabrina’s addiction truly out of hand at this point, Her aunts lock her in her room, hoping to get her current desires out of her system.

Thus begins her horrific nightmares, where she learns an emotional lesson about just what her addiction cost (?) her. Her friends.


In the end, Sabrina is able to hold back her desire for the best form of breakfast in the world, the subplot that I never mentioned about Hilda and Zelda being trapped in the northern Canadian part of the Other Realm gets resolved, and in the credits scene, Sabrina is confronting Salem over his catnip addiction.


I think they are going to be just fine, guys. Just Fine ❤ .

Melissa Joan Hart has said before that this is one of her favorite episodes, and I can see why. For a show that most of the time was weird when it wasn’t just straight up out there, this episode manages to still stick out as one of the more bizarre ones. Having watched the entire series, this one has always stuck in my memory.


While the honor of being my favorite, goes to a terrifying ad plug of an episode we will likely cover this month.

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