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Bojack Horseman’s Final Season Gets Release Date And Trailer

It's the final chapter for everyone's favorite 90's sitcom horse.

Well, it seems like the story about everyone’s favorite 90’s sitcom Horse, Bojack Horseman is reaching its end, with Netflix’s reveal that the sixth season of the show will be it’s last.

Bojack Horseman Final Season Trailer:

Bojack Horseman season six will be broken up into two parts. It looks like we will see Bojacks’s rehab journey, Diane’s continued dealings with self-discovery, Princess Carolyn’s adventures in parenthood, Mr. Peanutbutter dealing with the idea he may be depressed, and finally a bit more information on Todd’s family.

With this being the final season, it will be left to see just where the characters we have grown so very attached to end up.

Bojack Horseman season six part 1 will premiere on Netflix October 25th, with part 2 premiering January 31st.

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