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Damaged In Transit – A Fun And Frantic Action-Puzzle Game

The wonders of automated delivery has its dangers too!

Damaged In Transit is a frantic indie action-puzzle game that demands its players divert their attention to properly simultaneously guide a pair of drones to move cargo past all kinds of insane traps in weird locations.

And we absolutely love it!

Developed by Wyatt Yeong, Diego Garcia, and Greg Heffernan, Damaged in Transit is a game that is charming, challenging, and funny. You guide your drones by using arrows along the stages paths to change the direction of the constantly moving drones. The levels become a matter of timing and awareness, that while starting pretty easy, ends up a madcap as you have to make sure one drone doesn’t fall into lava while the other one needs to make the correct turn.

Shifting your attention is key and gives the game a very rewarding feeling whenever you make it past a stage. I wouldn’t say that difficulty is anyhow inaccessible though. With practice and honestly just doing a stage enough, mastering the games 120 levels is within any gamers reach.

The game features single-player for those who want to tackle the challenges alone and local Co-op for those who wish to have the help of a friend.

Damaged In Transit is a wacky puzzle game that players should keep an eye out for. It will be available for PC via Steam and the Nintendo Switch, later this fall.

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