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Review: My Friend Pedro

A carnage-filled ballet of bloody gore~

DeadToast Entertainment, Devolver Digital

My Friend Pedro

Developer – DeadToast Entertainment
Publisher – Devolver Digital
Platforms – PC and Nintendo Switch

Every trailer for My Friend Pedro made me more and more happy about the bloody good time that was in store for me and it didn’t disappoint!

A twin-stick side-scrolling shooter, the game has you following the orders from a talking banana Pedro who basically wants you to stylishly take out a bunch of enemies. Across the game’s six chapters you expertly destroy rooms filled with enemies, receiving a grade for how well you did. The tools at your disposal are the ability to slow down time for a brief moment, which makes the points where enemies erupt into bloody mists so visually rewarding.

40 Levels of Chaos!

DeadToast Entertainment, Devolver Digital

The 40 levels of My Friend Pedro, while a carnage-filled ballet of bloody gore, do begin to feel similar with most levels having a quirky moment to set them apart ultimately feel very same-ish. While it didn’t exactly feel bad to me, I can see other players having an issue with it, though the game’s awesome soundtrack may just carry them through towards the end.

There are leaderboards for each level which does create a competitive nature to the game, but the game’s highest difficulty which is called banana is likely where most of the highly skilled players will be challenging each other.

The Verdict?

My Friend Pedro delivers on the high-action and zany style that the trailers gave the vibe of. The dilemma is some might not stick around for the whole ride.

We highly Recommend checking it out! 

+ Fun action that turns this side-scroller into a bullet ballet
+ Zany blood filled visuals
+ Amazing Soundtrack
– Levels begin to feel very similar after a while

My Friend Pedro is available now for PC and the Nintendo Switch.

1 comment on “Review: My Friend Pedro

  1. Dang, didn’t know this was out already! Glad to hear it’s great.

    Also, props for using the 1 to 5 scale, it’s the best scale.


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