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This Kingdom Hearts Kimono Will Let Keyblade Wielders Stay Elegant While They Battle The Heartless!

Guardians of Kingdom Hearts can stay stylish with this beautiful kimono from Darling Army!

Darling Army’s handmade selection of cosplay and wear usually are amazing alternative wears that you can’t help but adore, but this one is a piece that all Keyblade Wielders can’t ignore.

Red and Black Kingdom Protector Cosplay Kimono Dress is a well designed and beautiful piece that will bring joy to the heart of every guardian.

Darling Army (Modeled by Nhi Nguyen
Photographed by @Shutterfoo)

Elegant and one-of-a-kind, the kimono has available addictions like petticoats and obi belts.

“This kimono dress is a three part outfit that can be worn together or separately. The short jacket is a traditional kimono style that wraps to close and has an attached hood. It has long kimono sleeves that have been trimmed with the same red lace that trims the bottom of the jacket. The triple circle skirts are lined with bias and have an elastic waist.  The navy tie at the waist can be folded and tucked like a traditional obi or can be tied in the back. All graphic details have been professionally cut and permanently pressed into the fabric with commercial-grade equipment (not applique or iron-ons).”
via – Darling Army

Since each piece is hand made, you may have a bit of a wait on your hands if you order one (2-8 weeks). But even saying that, it is definitely worth the wait!

The kimono will cost you $170 and at the time of writing their orders are currently full, but if you sign up for their newsletter you can be updated next time they have orders open.

(Featured Image Source – Darling Army)

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