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Frieza Joins The Workforce With The New Boss Frieza Plush!

Lord Frieza is sporting a new suit!

Some say that the best bosses can lead a team without dominating the spirit out of their staff, sadly we don’t think that it is the leadership style of Dragon Ball Z’s Lord Frieza. But for those that don’t mind the idea of him running things, the new Boss Frieza Plush is perfect for you!

PC Cushion Dragon Ball Z Ideal Boss Frieza is a new Plush based around the LINE stamps depiction of the iconic character in a suit.

The plush carries all of the charisma and presence of the iconic character.


Available for pre-order over at Premium Bandai for 5,616 yen (roughly $50 USD), it is due for release in August.

So will Lord Frieza be your new manager?

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