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‘Making Fiends’ – An Amazing Children’s Cartoon About A Little Girl Who Wanted To Murder Another Girl

Once there was a little girl, a girl who could make fiends...

There was an era of Nickelodeon cartoons where they really tried to provide unique shows and properties for viewers to watch. This gave us awesome shows like Kappa Mikey, Skyland, and Three Delivery (all which we will eventually cover). But today we are going to talk a particular favorite of mine, Making Fiends.

A show about a little girl, a girl who could make fiends.

Amy Winfrey, Nickelodeon

Making Fiends was a 2008 cartoon series created Amy Winfrey, based on her Flash web series with the same name.

It follows the lives of two girls, Vendetta and Charlotte. Vendetta is able to make monsters that she calls “fiends” by baking. These fiends can take on all kinds of sizes and powers of their own which allows Vendetta to control the small town of Clamburg and its citizens. Charlotte’s arrival throws the control that Vendetta has, into chaos.

Amy Winfrey, Nickelodeon

Charlotte is unbelievably positive, cheerful, and optimistic, she somehow mistakes Vendetta’s vile behavior for proof that not only is Vendetta nice and sweet, but also her best friend.

Something that Vendetta utterly loathes.

Amy Winfrey, Nickelodeon

The series is a Vendetta trying to either kill the hope in Charlotte and occasionally just plain old destroy her (read as murder, I did back when I was a kid), while Charlotte tries to cheer up the town and spend time with Vendetta. Vendetta’s attempts usually backfire and wind up making her problems with Charlotte even worse.

The show was awesome!

Amy Winfrey, Nickelodeon

It is somehow heartwarming and sweet to see Vendetta plot the downfall of Charlotte, just for Charlotte to defeat it with bizarre luck or just plain old kindness.

To see Charlotte give the downtrodden people of Clamburg, moments of hope and belief in their futures, just for Vendetta to mostly kill it.

At the end of every episode, Vendetta practically wins, but a shimmer of happiness is left on her victims faces as they walk away.

Sadly Making Fiends didn’t last long. A one season run of six episodes made up of 18 segments, the show while a favorite of those who saw it, didn’t really catch on. It was weird, it was funny, it was sweet and kinda dark, it was a show that would have been an instant success if more people had known about.

Amy Winfrey, Nickelodeon

Its creator Amy Winfrey would go on to direct another favorite of mine, Bojack Horseman, but it still is a bummer we didn’t get to see more of making fiends.

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