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Fortnite Suffers Nearly 50% Revenue Drop After Record High Profits In December

Following record high profits in December, Fortnite suffers a heavy revenue drop.

Despite the amazing rise that Epic Games, Fortnite enjoyed for the past few years, it recently has taken a major drop.

As reported by Superdata, Fortnite’s overall month-to-month revenue has taken a 48% decline after record high-profit gains in December. Across all platforms, sales for in-game items from the popular game have taken a hit.

Respawn Entertainment

Why some may say that Respawn Entertainments, Apex Legends is to blame, it isn’t clear yet just what the impact of the latest Battle Royale game may have had on Fortnite’s profits since the December high can be attributed partially to holiday sales and specials.

While Apex Legends may not directly have caused the drastic drop, its quick success has likely not helped. It can be said that Fortnite’s previous role as the titan of battle royales has been humbled by competition.

(Source – Superdata)

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