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Review: Rainswept

A one-of-a-kind detective game

Frostwood Interactive


Developer – Frostwood Interactive
Publisher – Frostwood Interactive
Platforms – PC and Mac via Steam and GOG

Review Copy Provided

Rainswept is a unique detective story. Not only because it is brilliantly shown in the power of a beautiful stylized presentation, but because it does so much with the tale of a detective handling a case in a small town. Rainswept has a level of emotionality that I wasn’t expecting, and I thoroughly enjoyed.

The story follows detective Michael Stone as he attempts to solve what the locals are deeming a murder-suicide, it has Stone exploring the small town of Pineview alongside Amy Blunt. Filled with all the Twin Peaks vibes, it gave the town quite a bit of charm. Interacting with the gossiping locals was a delight and made the world feel lived in as you slowly piece together their stories. These quaint moments are expertly juxtapositioned by the trauma that Detective Stone carries with him. I just found this game a masterpiece of a story that kept me captivated as I raced around town talking to suspects and locals, looking at crime scenes, solving puzzles, and dealing with Stone’s past. A bit of a warning, Rainswept contains themes of depression, suicide, and trauma.

The story of Rainswept immediately had me hooked.

Frostwood Interactive

The game’s graphics lend to its ability to tell this narrative. A mixture of a minimalist style presented against magnificently beautiful backgrounds. And when it rains, WHEN IT RAINS, the game gets that its title’s namesake had to have weight, and does it ever! There are moments in the game where you dance through memories and the mind and it is always eye-catching, especially paired with its perfect tone setting soundtrack.

Frostwood Interactive
Frostwood Interactive
Frostwood Interactive

Rainswept isn’t a long game, but it didn’t need to be. while I found myself wanting to see more of this world, I think that in this case, it is indicative of an amazing and immersive story I truly enjoyed rather than something lacking. Though I can maybe see some players saying that the ending doesn’t feel completely satisfying, I still overall really enjoyed its conclusion.

Frostwood Interactive

The Verdict?

Rainswept is an emotional story painted into a beautiful and stylized world. Dealing with heavy themes, the game offers an exploration of the mind in a unique way.

We highly Recommend checking it out!

Rainswept is available now on Steam and GOG.

+ Immersive and deep story
+Amazing art style
+Beautiful Soundtrack
-Some players may dislike the ending and pacing

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