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Harassed Female Overwatch Player Revealed To Be A Hoax In Order To Push An Alleged “Social Experiment”

Horribly misplaced "social experiment" rightfully causes a backlash as it makes light of a serious problem.

Earlier this week we reported on how the first female Overwatch Contender player suffered so much harassment and threats of doxxing that she eventually had to quit before her first match.

Following her quitting, many questions were raised about the Overwatch player Ellie. Well, today it was revealed that she may not have been real, sorta.

Yes in a complex twist of events it turns out that Ellie may have been a idiotic “social experiment” in some regards. Performed by a player named Punisher and at least one other player who actually played while the voice of Ellie was provided by a 17-year-old girl who said she “isn’t good at the game.”

This information followed a meeting that the team she signed up with, Second Wind had with Overwatch developer Blizzard to confirm her identity. Blizzard confirmed that Ellie was indeed a multiuser account that was later confirmed by Overwatch news twitter user Slasher.

This was also confirmed by Second Wind themselves.

Second Wind Via Tweet Longer

This news has made the situation immensely more muddied. On one hand, those that found the need to harass Ellie now feel justified in their horrid actions, and players who have been trying to make the competitive gaming scene more viable and friendly to female gamers have found this “social Experiment” to be a disgusting thing.

Toxicity in gaming/Esports is real and despite what Punisher and pals thought they were doing, they have set the progress that female gamers have made, back. Terrible people now believe they were right to do what they did, it is confusing just who exactly this “experiment” helped.

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