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‘Aggretsuko’ Barnes & Nobles Event Will Allow New Yorkers To Rage Out!

This weekend, exclusive merchandise and a new book launch event will make many New Yorkers very happy!

Aggretsuko has been a smash hit! Chronicling the life of a Japanese 25-year old Red Panda who uses death metal karaoke sessions to de-stress and deal with her anxiety. It has been resonating with many people, but New Yorkers will be happy to hear they will get a chance to show their love for the series at a Barnes & Nobles event in upper Manhattan.

The Aggretsuko Den of Rage Pop-Up event is scheduled for this weekend at the 150 East 86th St. Barnes & Nobles to celebrate the launch of The Aggretsuko Guide to Office Life, a new book offering tips on how to handle your office woes and to release/manage your work-induced anxiety.

Sanrio Co , Ltd

Fans who attend the event have the chance to take a picture with everyone’s favorite Death-Metal office worker, pick up some exclusive merchandise (including a limited edition t-shirt), and a gift with every Aggretsuko purchase.

So if you are going to be in the New York City area this weekend, this is a definite event to check out!

We know we will!

The Aggretsuko Den of Rage Pop-up will be held at the Barnes & Nobles at 150 East 86th St. from 11 AM to 6 PM November 30 – December 2.


A second season of the Netflix show was announced for 2019 to also look forward to!

(Source – Sanrio Twitter)

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