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Play NYC 2018 – Antipole DX

Gravity is under your control in Antipole DX!

Upcoming platformer Antipole DX has a fun sci-fi twist to the gameplay that will make each enemy encounter, each puzzle, each hazard a fun challenge all their own…

As the game makes gravity bows to your will!

Antipole DX is being developed by Saturnine Games. A fast and frantic platformer, players are able to change the polarity of gravity as they explore the games 25 levels and 25 bonus levels.

Shifting gravity affects everything around you, allowing players to take on certain enemies a different way, avoid level hazards, and to solve puzzles.

Antipole DX, Saturnine Games

This gameplay mechanic makes the game an imaginative journey. Fighting enemies never equaled something as simple as just blasting through them to the other side. No, it is using quick strategies and adapting as new challenges are thrown at you and your gravity powers.

I really enjoy games like this. Ones that introduce a concept and increases difficulty over time with you using that original power or ability in new ways.

Antipole DX, Saturnine Games

Antipole DX is a brilliant display of what a platformer is capable of.

Antipole DX, Saturnine Games

Antipole DX is currently slated for a late 2018 – early 2019 release. It will be available for PC via Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can follow its development over at Saturnine Games’ twitter.

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