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A Krystal Point of View: Overwatch’s Second Year Anniversary Event Hype

2 years of Overwatch!

This month marks the second year anniversary of Blizzard’s Overwatch, and the team behind the game really went all out for it. As per usual for the game’s events we get an array of new things as well as the ability to obtain any of the older items that were available from last year’s anniversary event. However, for the first time in these events you can actually unlock any item from all of the previous events. You want that witch Mercy skin that has eluded you for both the Halloween events? No problem! You want that new beautiful Soldier 24 skin for Reaper but missed your chance last month? No problem! You want that Blizzcon Bastion skin? Well that’s not available because that wasn’t part of an in game event so, whoops? Either way you can get the skin you want from May 22nd to June 11th. The one downside is that any skin that was released after last year’s anniversary event is still at 3000 in-game coins as opposed to the discounted 1000 in-game coins that you’d get for the older content. But hey, besides falling into despair from the loot box disappointment that will most definitely befall on us all, we have some good game modes to play through!

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20180528170039

Jeff why would you do this to me? How am I gonna afford my boy’s clothes with these prices?

Along with the skins from all of the previous events, the brawls and seasonal game modes are also back. You can go into the arcade mode to play a random brawl on a daily rotation or make a custom game of a older mode if you want to break the game in a hilarious way. We also get an update for the free for all mode, in a new map and a competitive mode for those who want to get mad at being in a terrible rank (like me) but can’t blame anyone but themselves for their mistakes (like me…)

Overwatch: Origins Edition_20180528170129

Maybe with practice I can at least escape gold here? I hope?

Overall this is an event that I would recommend anyone with the game to play. Even with the small gripes I have with having to deal with loot boxes for the things I want (and don’t you worry, I’ll write about that soon), getting to play the limited modes really reminds me why I play this game in the first place. As much as I like the base game and the multiple strategies people can use to play it, I’m a bit more on the casual side of things. Getting a different mode to play on occasion is what I like about the arcade of Overwatch, and being able to play all the ones that were made up to this point makes this event well worth the time. It was because of the aesthetic of Overwatch and its characters that had drawn me in two years ago, and seeing the team behind the game work endlessly to add new content makes being a fan more than worth it.

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