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Nintendo Switch Online Launching This September!

Classic NES games, a new mobile app, and all kinds of fun await Switch owners

Nintendo Switch owners have a huge bit of news to be happy about, as the online play service for the console has been given a release window of September 2018, as well as receiving further details.


Nintendo Switch Online will be a paid service allowing Switch owners to compete online in compatible games like ARMSMario Kart 8Mario Tennis, and Splatoon 2. While the switch over to a paid model from the previous free-to-use model has upset some, new features are being added like new online functionality for certain classic NES games (with more promised down the line). These NES games will be included in an Nintendo Switch Online subscription.


The new service will also have exchangeable functionality with the newly announced Nintendo Switch Online App. The app will allow players to set up online lounges for games on the console, sending invites through their friendslist or even social media. Another awesome feature of the app is its ability to interact with the games you play. An example given was Splatoon 2 which will work with the app to give players access to Splatnet 2, where they can share battle stats, order gear for in-game use, and enhance the game‘s overall online experience.

Launching this September, get ready for an all-new type of Online Nintendo Experience!

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