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New Pokémon Escape the Room Styled Game Has Players in A Real Life Theme Park Defeat Team Rocket

Can you and your friends defeat Team Rocket and save the festival?

With the player numbers for Pokémon Go not as strong as it was the summer of its initial launch, trainers looking for a real-life Pokémon experience now have a much grander option.




Pokémon: Escape from the Amusement park of Wind is an upcoming escape-the-room styled game on the scale of an entire theme park. It will be available for players to experience at Tokyo Dome City Attractions from July 14 through September 24 and in Hirakata Park from July 18 to September 17, both locations in Japan. Players will be tasked to work together to solve puzzles in order to defeat the evil Team Rocket as they disrupt a festival.

The Story:
Today is the annual wind festival. The legendary Pokemon Lugia, It is the day to bring blessing wind to this city.

Evil organization Team Rocket crept into it. Incidents happening around here, closed venues, and now you guys that are locked in. Will you be able to stop the rocket plan and escape from here?

The stage is an amusement park where the wind festival is held. Pokemon are hiding everywhere. Solving the mystery, making Pokemon friends, Destroy the ambition of evil! When you meet Pokemon, Everyone’s story begins to move.
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A fun way to enjoy the world of Pokémon indeed, it is a tie-in with the upcoming Pokémon anime movie, Pokémon: Everyone’s Story, which will be in Japanese theaters starting July 13th.

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