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A Krystal Point of View: Monster Hunter World Stole My Life and I’m Not Even Mad

What does it mean to be a monster hunter?

The Monster Hunter series has always been a bit of a small but unreachable interest for a long while. I didn’t really see much of the games until they appeared on the 3DS, and as much as I wanted to try them out I didn’t want to break my hands trying to play it. (I also didn’t have enough to get the extension to add a 2nd control stick so that was a bust.) It wasn’t until Capcom announced their newest installation was going on the current gen systems as well as PC that I was actually able to see why this series was so loved. I downloaded the open beta the day it was available, and in just one hunt I was hooked… 

Monster Hunter: World_20180319222659

This pig is the best. I don’t have anything witty to say, I just love this pig.

The name of the game says it all, you go out into a number of open worlds and you go hunt a variety of monsters there. There‘s a lot of variety within these worlds too, with over thirty monsters and more being added through free expansions, there‘s always a beast to battle with its own set A.I. and multiple strategies to defeat them. You have simple monsters like the Great Jagras, a large lizard that will swallow large animals whole to fill its belly to an obnoxious size and will roll around as it fights you. Then you have more complex monsters like an Odogaron, an aggressive dog-like creature that jumps all over the place causes your character to bleed if it hits you with its claws. (That one is my favorite, its just a big blood dog.) There’s always a chance for two or more monsters to bump into each other, which can cause them to fight each other in a turf war. It’s great to watch something you‘re fighting get jumped by a bigger monster just because they walked into the wrong neighborhood. Sometimes the other monster will attack you too, so make sure you back up a bit when this happens unless you‘re also hunting that monster too. There are also monsters whose main job is to invade your hunts and attack you and your quarry on sight, which can easily ruin your hunt if you‘re not careful. It‘s dangerousit‘s scary, and it‘s great

Monster Hunter: World_20180326190920

An earlier update had added in a giant angry pickle who will try its hardest to eat both you and your target.

Now to hunt these monsters, you‘re gonna need a weapon for the job, and luckily there’s fourteen to choose from; from simple weapons like a sword and shield as well as the dual blades to more complex weapons like the gun lance and the charging blade. (I went and chose the charging blade as my first weapon like a dingus and never looked back.) Even if you‘re new and you choose a complex weapon (like what I did) the difficulty curve for the game is gradual enough for you to learn your moves without much trouble (but it does help to watch some tutorials for your choice weapon). It also helps to team up with other people that can teach you how to excel in the game. Speaking of which…

This game can be played either by yourself or on multiplayer via the gathering hall in the main hub. Before the last update, it would be tedious to finish a quest while in a group for the game to not have an option to get back to the gathering hall. You‘d have to wait through one loading screen to get to the main hub just to go into another loading screen to get back into the gathering hall (Thankfully you can just choose to go straight to the gathering hall when you finish a quest). While it is possible to run into an unsavory player who would purposely ruin the quest for everyone involved, you‘re more than likely to find whole squads of people more than willing to help you out and join you for any adventures you are on. Or if you have the friends for it, you can make a server for just you and anyone on your friends list. Either way, the difficulty does increase with the more people in a quest with 4 being the max, so keep that in mind if you‘re used to playing the game solo until that point. (Part of the reason why it’s harder is because the number of faints you get will not increase with the number of players, and most quests only need 3 faints for you to fail it…) But hey, the rewards increase with the difficulty, so it, worth it in the end! 

Monster Hunter: World_20180322144533

Looking at it up close, this giant angry pickle is kind of cute when it’s not trying to eat me…

Overall, as someone who’s experience with the Monster Hunter series can be summed up as mere fleeting glances until this game, I can safely say that I‘m now a fan. It is an experience to be had to play with both people you know and don’t know for 1 common goal; to fight a bunch of creatures a whole lot bigger and stronger than you. I would most definitely recommend watching some videos for this game though, seeing as how there are some aspects that the game doesn’t fully tell you about if you‘re new to the series. Two channels I would always go to are Gaijin Hunter and Arekks Gaming, mainly because their content is well made and researched as well as how often they make updates on any news and changes to the game. As for getting into a multiplayer server, as long as you go in with some gusto you‘ll be a part of a squad in no time! (I have a squad that I play with on my twitch channel PixelJank if you want to join that too~

Monster Hunter: World_20180404210845 This game lets me drink and pass out on the table? Perfect~

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