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Utada Hikaru Is Having Her First Concert Tour Since 2006

It has been quite the wait...

In what has been a wait as long as the one for Kingdom Hearts 3 itself, J-Pop singer, Utada Hikaru has announced a new concert tour.

As reported by SoraNews24, her new tour is set only for Japan at the moment, there might be a chance for the singer to head west, as she has recorded many songs in English with her multilingual skills.

Hikaru is well known for her expansive career but gained a lot of fans following her singing of songs for the Kingdom Hearts video game series and Evangelion anime. Her latest tour will come after her new album Hatsukoi, is released this June. The currently untitled tour will be run from November to December. Her last concert tour was in 2006.

Her new tour will likely not only have her music fans excited, as it joins the (hopefully) nearing release date of Kingdom Hearts 3. Though there has been no word if any songs from the game will be a part of the new tour or album.

(Source & featured Image – M-On! Press)
(Additional Information Source – SoraNews24)


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