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The ‘Playable Characters Podcast’ – Comedy and Gaming Meet To Make A Lively Talk Show!

It's the late night talk show gaming has always needed

Coming from the extremely creative and talented minds of comedians Brian McGuinnessAalap Patel and Calvin Cato, the Playable Characters Podcast is a unique and hilarious way to enjoy the weirdness that can be gaming.

It’s the video game late night talk show gamers have always needed.


Interviewing video game characters to find out what makes him tick, the Playable Characters Podcast has spoken to the likes of Star Fox’s Peppy O’Hare to Roach the Horse from Witcher 3. They use their comedic writing skills to talk to the legends and the behind the scene NPCs of gaming.

With a talented pool of voices to pull from and some awesome guests that always feel believable in execution. I especially enjoy when they give the voiceless characters of the Bit era the chance to air their grievances or to tote their glory. 

One of my favorite episodes is when they speak to Snake clone, Gaseous Snake

At the time of writing they are 55 episodes in and can I say it’s fun to sit down, hear them chat and goof off, and hilariously talk to the fictional characters who logically have to help make the world of gaming… exist. I highly recommend that if you‘re a fan of gaming or comedy, you tune into the Playable Characters Podcast!

You can check out her on their official site.
Listen to them either on Itunes or PodBean.
And follow them on Twitter for the latest updates! 

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  2. Thanks guys! Great to meet you at the Geekfest!


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