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Etsy Hunt – NestalgicBits

Check out NestalgicBits for all your nostalgic art needs!

3d pixel artist Joseph Uzzo takes from the screen and puts your nostalgia to the art piece over at his Etsy Store NestalgicBits!
The selection is great, and the designs are fun. You can get the perfect bit to show off your gamer love with both 3 and traditional print artwork. From Samus to Pikachu, from the NES to the 64, it was fun to browse his great collection.
I especially love his large-scale creation Of Wart from Mario 2 (he is one gaming characters so I’m biased).
He also takes requests so that means you nostalgic dreams can truly come be met. Check out NestalgicBits for all your nostalgic art needs.

You can check out his store here!

Follow on Instagram here!

And we will see you next time we Etsy Hunt!


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