The ‘Tiger & Bunny’ Spinoff Releases Its First Teaser

A detective team that you will want to follow

Anime series Tiger & Bunny will be (sorta) returning in spinoff form! The series that focused on sponsored superheroes competing for points, with the overall plot eventually raising questions on the nature of power and the title of being a “hero.“The franchise was a fan favorite. 

Which is likely why the show’s production company Sunrise has revealed an upcoming spinoff, DOUBLE DECKER!. 

Focusing on two detectives, a vet, and a rookie. Its set up will remind most of the relationship of the main characters of Tiger & Bunny, but without further details, its full scope of being a spinoff is not yet explained or known.

No proper release date has been given, but we have been told to expect it later this year. So are you excited for DOUBLE DECKER!?




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