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ESPN Themed A Tweet Around ‘Fortnite’ In A Ultimately Confusing Attempt At Trying Hard

Traditional media continues to not understand the "Kids These Days"

Fortnite is everywhere right now so it‘s not a shock when companies and celebrity personalities attempt to use it to seem relative and current. Enter ESPN who following last night’s Men’s Final Four Match Kansas defeat by Villanova, decided to display the news in a “fun and hip” way.

Claiming that Villanova rained 3s like they were supply drops, a statement that would confuse any Fortnite player who knows those drops are practically rare. The post itself was a video of a giant letter K and U being decimated next to a letter V, all recorded in Fortnite. The Tweet thread generated some interestingly funny responses (that we suggest you check out).

Marketing using contemporary speech, items and trends is nothing new. We all remember how Wendy’s won the internet for a bit using memes and how Arby‘s now creates pop culture themed art using its food. That being said, it doesn’t stop the failures from just being… awkward.


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