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Secret Honey’s Vintage Flare Skirt Line Lets You Show Your Pixar Fan Pride

Which is better, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc, or Cars?

A new edition to Japanese retailer Secret Honey’s Disney collection is a cute Vintage Pixar skirt line.


With 3 variants, 1 for Monster, Inc. with the series’ iconic framed doors (complete with tiny operable door where villain Randall peaking out).

SH (3)

Toy Story with Andy’s classic cloud wallpaper as well as the character Slinky.
SH (16)

And Cars with  main character Lightning McQueen.
SH (17)

The Stylized skirts pay a nice tribute to the movies that they tie in to.
 When paired with their corresponding bowling shirt, the knee length flair skirt lets you show off Pixar love with rockabilly style!

SH2 (1)

The skirt will cost you 15,000 yen ($141 USD) and the matching bowling shirt (that let’s be honest, is amazing on its own) is 13,000 yen ($122 USD). You can head over to Secret Honey‘s store on Rakuten now to go check it out or any other pieces that make up the every expanding Secret Honey Disney Collection.

(Image source – Rakuten / Secret Honey)
(All images belong to Disney / Pixar)

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