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Persona Companion App ‘Persona O.A.’ Launching This Spring In Japan With Pre-Registration Open Now

A whole new way to enjoy the Persona series!

An exciting bit of news from  Atlus is that they will be launching Persona O.A., an official Persona companion app for properties throughout the Persona franchise. So far only announced for Japan, it will be available for Android and iOS.

In addition to delivering PERSONA related news, you can enjoy the characters’ new conversation events advancing exploration in the games! It is also a PERSONA comprehensive application that you can use for summoning Personas, web content DL, gifts and events by using consuming Persona Points】 which you can get in various ways.

Persona Series Official News – A news list that can check the latest information related to the  “Persona” series and a schedule function! Register your favorite schedule as a favorite. Notification can be set so as not to forget!

A Easy-to-Play Exploration Game – Have your Favorite character (partner) & persona Both explore the Palace! By clearing items and items earn Persona Points! The persona’s experience value and the partner’s ties will also be taken along with you.

Summon Personas – By consuming persona points you can summon Personas! The persona who is summoned can both explore and nurture mementos!

Enjoy Conversations – The bond rises by searching with your favorite partner in the palace, a conversation event will occur after the search ends. Conversation events are newly written down for this application! Conversation events that have occurred can be rewatched at any time from the event reminiscence.

Save Up Persona Points –  Get Persona Points from related products and posted and sealed in various places also from QR code and serial code for application, persona points can be earned! In addition to summoning Personas that are used in exploration games, Persona Points can be used in exchange for Web content, for gifts and application for events.
* Used destinations will be announced in the app at any time!

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All of this sounds very cool and you can pre-register for its Japanese spring release here! Let’s  hope the west gets a chance to experience Persona O.A. too!

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