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Live-Action Kim Possible Is On Its Way

Live action Shego will be a reality very soon...

Joining Hocus Pocus, Disney cartoon series Kim Possible will be receiving a Live-Action movie adaption as being reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


Being writing by the shows original creators Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley, the movie will be about globe-trotting high schooler Kim Possible. She uses her cheerleader abilities, the help of her best friend (later boyfriend) Ron Stoppable, and the 10-year-old tech wizard that is Wade Load to stop quirky supervillains around the world.

Is it even needed to say how great this series was?

Casting has begun with Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein co-directing, there is no word on when the film will be released but it will be a Disney Channel movie like the Hocus Pocus movie this summer.

(Source – The Hollywood Reporter)

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