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The dazzling Cosplay of TinkerElle!

TinkerElle perfectly cosplays the Disney princess finally wielding a keyblade of her own!

We here at NT are fans of the unique. Custom creations and ideas that are the astonishing results of talent and creativity.

Today we spotlight a magical creation from cosplayer/make up artist TinkerElle and her sunny keyblade Ariel cosplay.


Giving her own unique twist she joined the Disney princess with the style and weaponry of Kingdom Hearts for a fun, vibrant, and exceptional cosplay.

Inspired by a picture she saw online, the discovery of the perfect corset, a keyblade designed by Artist Elizabeth and built by Shibalove Cosplay (both cosplayers in their own right), all combined to make her own version of the princess of the sea. Seeing TinkerElle show off a series of fun poses during a beach set photo-shoot, can’t help but put you in a good mood.

Speaking with her she made it clear that she loves all things anime and Kingdom Hearts. She frequently attends various conventions like Liberty City Anime Con, Anime Next, Anime Boston, Otakon, and Connecticon. TinkerElle genuinely believes in the transformative power of cosplay to “allow people to escape their lives for a day or two… Or three.

A statement we love!


With a bright outlook like hers, it is no wonder she wants to spread positivity through cosplay. I will not deny she does it well. When asked how she pushes through to create her cosplay pieces and crafts, she told us with a smile “Just think how much you want to make it. How cool it will all be. Let that be your push!

Something I think we all need to hear sometimes.

To check out more of her cosplay pieces and support TinkerElle‘s cosplay, you can:
Like her cosplay Facebook page
Follow her on Instagram

To check out her great makeup work, you can:
Like her Make-up Page
As well as follow her Make-up Instagram

And if her keyblade creation stunned you the say way it did me, you can check out the pages of those who made it here:
Lizzy‘s Colorful Art & Artistic Nobody Cosplay
Shibalove Cosplay

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