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Readers Rejoice! There is now a sleepover bookstore in Japan!

You now have a whole new unique space to stay while visiting Tokyo!

Lovers of books now have a must visit spot while in Japan as popular store Tsutaya has opened the Tsutaya Book Apartment.

A 24-hour bookstore that features a space to not only change, shower, and even get a bit of work done, visitors will also be able to spend time overnight in one of their comforting live-in spaces, all of them surrounded by books. 2,800 yen (roughly $24) will get you six hours and 5,500 yen for 12 hours (around $48). The book apartment differs from other bookstore and net cafes that offer a space to sleep in, as comfort and coziness was the main goal for this space (There is even a women’s only floor, to provide extra comfort for women).

So if you are going to be in the Tokyo area and need to get your bibliophile fix, Check out the Tsutaya Book Apartment!

You can see even more pics from this unique store by visiting them on Instagram.

(Source- Instagram)



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3 comments on “Readers Rejoice! There is now a sleepover bookstore in Japan!

  1. WoRdaDDict

    WoW! This is such a great idea. I would love to stay overnight at a place like this.

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  2. I tried a similar place in Kyoto (book and bed) and loved the place – the silence – and the view but not the futon that was extra hard and especially the fact that capsules under got all the light from the capsules above. My neighbor stopped reading at 4 am! With a better bed I might try again with more English books too.

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  3. These are some great travel goals!!! :O


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