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Hawaiian state officials join Belgium in labeling loot boxes as unlawful gambling

Battlefront 2 ' s loot box system has drawn the worry of US government officials

Yesterday we reported on the Belgium Minister of Justice as well as games commission noting that loot boxes were predatory on those who play games and it seems that certain American politicians feel the same way.

Hawaiian state representive Chris Lee recently uploaded a video to his youtube account, in which he alongside State Rep Sean Quinlan and other officials highlight why EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 is just so problematic in terms of exposing children to gambling aswell as overall wanting to protect those whom suffer from gambling addictions.

The video:

Lee hopes to push legislation that will both limit childrens access to loot box progression based games and remove certain mechanics from the market all together. Lee’s video also notes he has been talking with other government officials and this is not a matter they plan to take lightly.

Some hope that this may bring the end to a exploitative behavior that a lot felt was beginning to overstretch what can be considered tolerable behavior. No matter what happens, it seems EA may have just changed the way the video game industry will behave for some time.

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