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Anime NYC Spotlight – Kim and Al’s Bowtique

Want to add something to your latest hairstyle, but don't know what you need? Check out Kim and Al's Bowtique!

During my brief time wandering the aisles and aisles of exhibitor booths at Anime NYC, I stumbled upon a booth that stood out to me. Three tables took up the space, all of them neatly organized and decorated with one thing: Bows. Normally, I’m not the type to wear a bow, but seeing the designs of some of these just called out to me and made me buy some.

Booth #161 on the exhibitor map, Kim & Al’s Bowtique proudly showed their craft of bows just awaiting for people to buy them. Everything they make is handmade and range in design from simple, solid colored bows, to more intricate designs like flowers or well-known icons, such as Marvel characters.


When I walked up to the booth, I had the pleasure of meeting the the owner behind this lovely booth, Alison. Although our conversation was brief, it was obvious that she was proud of her work and wanted to show the world the large collection of bows that she offers.


If you want to check out her entire catalog of bows and other items available for purchase head over to her main website, Kim and Al’s Bowtique. While you’re browsing the site for your next cute hair accessory, you’ll find exactly what you’ll need!

If you want to stay in-the-loop on the latest products or want to see pictures of the bows, follow them on TumblrInstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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