‘Rick & Morty’ Fans Angrily Reacting To The Limited Availability Of McDonald’s Schezuan Sauce


This weekend has been a mixed bag of high traffic but also suffering public image for fast food eatery McDonald’s. Happily hosting a limited return of the Mulan tie-in Schezuan dipping sauce sparked by its mention in Adult Swim series Rick & Morty, but sadly the fast food juggernaut underestimated the demand for it, with lines so long they reached out the door at many locations. Some restaurants reportedly only had around 50 packets to sell. There are posts and pictures on twitter of people trying to sell their packets for around $20-$50.

There was even reports and videos of angry crowds, like the one below.

Some who were unable to get packets have sworn off the eatery which might tarnish their standing with the fandom. Due to the popularity, this is likely not the last time a event like this happens, let us just hope next time they have more sauce.

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