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I’m a frequent visitor of coffee shops and cafes. There will always be a place in my heart for cozy spots to sip on tea. But, There is one thing I don’t have in those cozy shops; and that’s my computer. I need my computer, my games and my W.O.W. and I think I found that place in the Lower East Side.

Waypoint Cafe is a fresh take on cyber cafes, Offering you a wide variety of MMO’s and E-Sport games. Owner, Gino Gigante has been planning the ideas for Waypoint for about 5 years, going between cafe and bar.

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At long last, the nerd community has another place we can call home.

The Waypoint Cafe offers a wide variety of drinks, food and will soon provide a variety of baked good. Along with they’re 30+ individual gaming booths; They also have a streaming booth that provides equipment and a comfortable room for streamers on all broadcasting platform.


The games available range from like W.O.W to CSGO to Tekken and even Minecraft. Customers can rsvp for play time at any of the 30+ booths and even bring their own equipment if necessary. Which is a good idea if your a rager.

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The WayPoint Cafe is definitely something New York needs to bring the online gaming community together, which is one of owner, Gino’s goals.

My experience here was comfortable from the moment I walked into the door. Staff and environment are warming and drinks are delicious, specifically the specialty Candy Apple Cider. I recommend this place to all gamers or those just looking for a place to sit and relax. Its definitely the go to place this year.

Check them out on Facebook, @waypointcafenyc & on Twitter @WaypointcafeNYC

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