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Play NYC had dozens of games on display from talented teams. AVARIAvs is my personal favorite.

As many know, Play NYC was last weekend, putting on display dozens upon dozens of the latest upcoming indie titles. Many of the developers used simple designs and graphics that focused on the joy of being able to play with friends both through couch co-op and online. And the visually stunning graphics followed by interesting characters from other developers made sure that you saw every little detail that went into the games that they made. A wide variety of games were on the show floors, such as rouge-likes, point and click investigations, and the booming virtual reality experiences. Everybody who went to Play NYC were guaranteed to find a game that they would want to follow up on after the event ended. And for one, there was one game in particular that I know I’m following and I feel others need to know about it.

Avaria vs Cover Photo

AVARIAvs is an RPG with a well done mixture of a fantasy and science fiction environments and characters that kept my eyes glued to the screen. With a turn-based JRPG style combat system, the beautiful graphics carry over as your team attacks and uses abilities to get rid of the enemies in their way. Aside from giving a new way to play turn-based games, AVARIAvs can easily bring a new competitive PVP feel to JRPGs.

Entrance to a new location, present in Play NYC demo – AVARIAvs Website

Although the combat uses menus like JRPGs, the way its designed uses a radial style menu which gives it a more tactical feel during combat, but is still simple enough that anybody can quickly pick up. Another thing that makes AVARIAvs stand out is the fact characters can build focus over time which acts like experience points, allowing characters to unlock new attacks, abilities, and powers to help change the tide of battle. This will keep players on their toes, allowing them to adapt to new strategies and situations, a nice feel for both a single player story and an intense PVP experience.

Amazing visuals used to bring the world to life is what grabbed my attention and a spin on JRPG style combat is what kept me stuck to my seat when I played the demo. And when I realized I reached the end, I left wanting more. Even though it’s still in the Alpha and Beta testing phase, AVARIAvs shows a lot of promise and I eagerly await its release in 2018. If you want more information, head to the main AVARIAvs website anytime. If you want early access to future Alphas and Betas, sign up here.

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