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@PLAY NYC: StarCrossed

Take a look into the magical world of StarCrossed By Contigo Games

When it comes to Co-op games, Ones mind normally goes towards “How can I fuck this up for the other player just to get a good laugh?” Unfortunately for that jerk, StarCrossed by Contingo Games requires both players to be synced perfectly to get through levels.



This stars and sparkles shoot-em up requires Magical Girls “Hero” & “Idol” to bounce a small star shaped projectile between one another to take out incoming enemies.

The developers do suggest playing with a Xbox or PlayStation controller as the game is fast paced and requires all around movement that would be hard for a keyboard.


The game requires precision, concentration, and coordination on both parts or else it’s GAME OVER!

The game is scheduled to release this year (2017) for PC, Mac, and Linux. But till then, You can download the demo here.


Follow them on Twitter @playstarcrossed or visit the Developers Site.


Cecile spends her days wandering, playing video games and shopping for things she probably doesn’t need. She can be found working behind the scenes and keeping the Tides gang in order. Follow her on Twitter @MrsAbsinthe

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