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Anime Face Generator ‘’ is a Useful Asset For Any Artist

Help come up with face references for your art or even just a fun profile pic

Coming out of this year’s Comiket is a tool many hobbyist artist will be thankful for. Make Girls Moe promises to combine anime face assets to create a unique face for both art reference or fun profile pics uses. Created by  Girls Manifold, I wont deny I had some fun making various faces just for the laughs. The styles range from the 90s to the modern faces (and some combination hiccups).

Entering in the values for several variables, the sites A.I. combines the options and randomizes a anime girl portrait.

The first girl I ended up making

The results vary greatly even when you use the same build.

The second girl that I created using the same options
A showcase of varying results

The site’s tagline is “Create Anime Characters with A.I.”, and while yes we spent the majority of the time with the site having fun, we must note the scope of the technology in terms of its applications. Helping creators who need a bit of help when it comes to story character design work. Some may complain the size is small given the uses I listed, but the quality drop isn’t so bad when it comes to sizing it up. Future builds will likely fix this and hopefully add the ability to generate Male faces.

A face I generated and resized

Check out the site, the technical blog, and the PDF they released at this year’s Summer Comiket.


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