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Disney – Back-to-School Etsy Hunt 

Disney, the introduction to cartoons in most of our childhoods. Now as teens or adults we feel the need to grab onto that nostalgia before it’s too late. Do so with this awesome Back to school Disney Swag.

1. Toy story Pizza Planet Employee Shirt

While everyone else is running around wanting to be a princess or hero, you can be the employee of the greatest place on the planet, PIZZA planet. Or at least you can pretend to be, like everyone else.

2. Biting Stitch Earrings

Ouch. We all know this little guy has a bite but at least in earring form it’s less painful and 100 cuter than the real stitch. Less damage too. 

3. Disney Themed Bed Cushions

After the long day of mind numbing knowledge being jammed into your head, the best thing to do is fall on your bed and sleep. And what better to rest your head with than a pillow of one of your favorite Disney Characters. 

“We’re All Mad Here” T-Shirt 

I understand that your mad. But it’s school. You gotta do it. Even Alice had to study. But maybe you’ll be just as lucky and find a hole like she did. Sadly when you wake up, you’ll still be in Math class 

5. Alice in Wonderland Custom Sneakers

You’re late because you decided to stop and talk to a purple cat on your way to school… If your wearing these shoes, there is some irony. But at least you’ll be comfy while running to class. Try not to scuff the art work, buddy, 

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